Free website review from Perfect Level

The free website review

This is a very simple process whereby you just answer a few questions about your website’s current performance and your marketing goals. We’ll spend a bit of time analysing you website, looking for any “quick-wins” to improve your website traffic and conversions.

We will do this free of charge in the hope that, as a result, you might want to consider working with us as a client – although there is no obligation to do this.

What do we include?

Depending on your goals, your marketing review will include some recommendations in the following areas:

  1. Usability of the web site
  2. Is your brand’s value proposition clear to your visitors
  3. Are there any obvious blocks to on-line conversions
  4. A look at where your website is showing up across the web and where there may be some simple but effective changes to make
  5. Any other significant marketing “issues” that we might observe
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